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You are welcome to the counselling site hosted by the Obafemi Awolowo University official website. The University has provided for counselling facilities for staff and students of the university to discuss issues that may cause them worries, concern or disturb their rest of mind. It is our belief that a sound mind in a sound body will be able to function well when it is free of worries, problems and concerns. Also a popular maxim says “a problem shared is half – solved “. However, there is the need to share the problem or worries with someone who understands and with whom your disclosures are safe.

The university has provided Face to Face (ftf) counselling facility at the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) and many students have taken advantage of using this facility. Others are either not aware, too ashamed to consult the counsellor face-to-face, have no time to do so due to work or study pressures or usually find the need for them at odd times of the day. Consequently, the university is exploring the possibility of accessing counselling facilities across the internet where you can discuss your educational, academic, social, relationship, health and other concerns with trained and experienced counsellors. You can also request for useful information about the university, your career, job prospects with the university or any other organization or about scholarship and study sponsorships. You now have the choice to consult professional counsellors face to face or across the internet


Our Values


We preserve your privacy. We do not share your personal information or messages with anyone


We understand you may be going through a very difficult period. Our desire is to be strong shoulder for you to lean on


We create a safe environment for you to share your most intimate concerns, not one to expose or condemn you.


We have devoted and specially trained counsellors who show genuine concerns and are never in a hurry to help out.

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